Elodie Cholat

Executive Assistante Freelance - Support to Management

You are looking for a highly competent Executive Assistant to support your management team.

You need an Executive Assistant to whom you can delegate management functions so that you can focus on the business development of your company.

Elodie Cholat, Executive Assistant with a passion for operational efficiency,  business management and over 20 years' experience working alongside CEOs and executives, will be delighted to help you achieve your professional goals.

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Administrative, financial and accounting functions.


Your productivity with support and delegation.


Your ressources, processes and profitability.


Thomas H. – CEO Cryptoast : “Elodie is very committed to her work. She demonstrates professionalism, rigour and excellent interpersonal skills. All qualities that enable her to provide the best possible support to managers in their day-to-day work.“
Joerg P.M. – Ex-colleague Airbus : “Many thx Elodie for your great support within the strategy team. It was very pleasant to work with you. I particularly valued that I could rely on you at all times and that you took care proactively of so many aspects that made our team more effective. All the best! “
Helly T. – Ex-colleague Airbus : “Elodie is very professional, well organized, reliable and proactive. She is fluent in English, open-minded and efficient, and treats everyone with respect. She has been a great colleague to work with.” 
James M. – COO Life Learning Network SA : “Very good collaboration, excellent work. Elodie is very useful to our expansion and we're delighted to have her as our executive assistant.”
Simon P. – CEO Life Learning Network SA : “I had a great professional experience working with Elodie. Productive, rigorous and with excellent interpersonal skills, Elodie is an asset to any team!"